Play Groups

Come play with us! Since 2010, Jazmin Elek has been offering play group therapy for kids. Due to it's popularity Jazmin has expanded the class schedule, to give more kids an opportunity to participate in these groups. Peer Play puts the "fun" in fundamental services for kids who have sensory processing difficulties, are on the autism spectrum or just need a little help socializing with their peers.



Occupational therapy and developmental psychological assessments, available 
upon request. Contact info@peerplaysfbay for more information.


Golden Gate Regional Center Consumers

Interested parents should contact their Regional Center case manager, who will discuss the merits of the referral with Jazmin Elek.  In consultation with the child’s GGRC caseworker, Mrs. Elek will schedule an intake evaluation to determine if the program is a good fit for the child.

Private Insurance
If your child was diagnosed with autism and your insurance carrier is based in California and does not provide a comparable program in your geographical area, you can seek reimbursement for out-of-network expenditures covering this service pursuant California Senate Bill SB 946.

Out Of Pocket Fee
$100 / session



"After working with Dr. Rocco individually and establishing a strong bond, our son then attended 3 years of weekly playgroups at Dr. Rocco and Jazmin Elek's office. This is where our son learned how to talk to,interact with, and enjoy spending time with peers. The space in which these playgroups met and in which Dr. Rocco and Jazmin perform their important work is more like a cross between a kids’ gym and a toy store than a clinic. It feels warm, comforting, and inviting. It is the perfect space for learning to communicate with peers in a fun and meaningful way. If you take your child to Dr. Rocco, she will be treated as an individual, not as a diagnosis."

Maya P. (Parent)

"While my son participated in his social skills group, he made very positive developmental progress. He learned how to use more language and take turns; greatly improved his eye contact, and most importantly, he enjoyed playing with other children.  As a mother, it was very useful to have very close communication with Jazmin and Dr. Rocco. They guided me and gave me valuable advice. I really like the way they run the groups, as they create an environment of playful learning; very different from more rigid and structured approaches. I felt like I had a great team, all working together to help my child. "

Maricela R. (Parent)

"Hands-down the most important element of my son's developmental journey. By fostering a sense of joy in spontaneous, imaginative play with others, Dr. Rocco was able to help develop better flexibility, vocabulary, and social connection in my son. Put aside 'social skills groups' as you've traditionally thought of them, and experience something more inspiring."

Nicole J. (Parent)

Conozco a Jazmín hace muchos años y siempre recordé y admiré su bonito trabajo con los niños, estuve muy preocupada por su desarrollo de mi nieto le comenté mi preocupación, le pedí ayuda y su opinión y de inmediato apoyo a mi nieto a conseguirle los servicios que necesitaba y estoy muy agradecida por que es muy profesional y escuchó nuestra preocupaciónes . Antes de la evaluación de Jazmín estuvimos buscando ayuda desesperadamente y muchas puertas se me cerraron y no tenia ayuda para mi nieto aunque sabíamos que su desarrollo no era normal de su edad era muy diferente. Gracias a Jazmín mi Nieto pudo recibir ayuda y apoyo a tiempo de muchos  profesionales y se ve una gran diferencia como a mejorado sus abilidades.

Libia Gomez (Grandparent)

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