Where exceptional children
can play and blossom!  

Peer Play is a fun fueled social skills play group for children on the autism spectrum and kiddos who just need a little help making friends.

With every effort considered and practiced for the safetey of you and your child, we are currently offering outdoor groups to continue providing the services your family needs.  

Jazmin is also providing living and social skills groups for teens and preteens. Groups focus on promoting functional independence and social access in the community.  During the Covid 19 pandemic, sessions are being offered online. visit totalotservices.com for more information 



Meaningful relationships heal, children learn best

from other children.

Acceptance from your peer group is a powerful motivator for developmental growth. Offering or withholding extrinsic rewards to teach socialization turns the joy of social play into work. It also robs the child from owning their choices, actions and relationships. Children can be our wisest teachers and most honest critics, if we pay attention.  They also make great therapists.

Children deserve a fun childhood with happy memories—not just a busy stream of adult-led interventions. Parents deserve a mutually supportive community that understands their experience. Typically developing children that regularly play with kids in the autism spectrum expand their minds and hearts to build empathy and compassion.

All children can and should play and make friends.  These behaviors are so fundamental that the are observed across most mammalian species.


Our Groups

Virtual Groups

Due to COVID19 “Shelter-in-place” (SIP) orders, we have moved our groups to an online “telehealth” approach. Through the online platform, “Zoom,” interventions are tailored to match the sensory-motor, cognitive, verbal, social, and developmental profile of the group. With this platform, we hope to offer a space for children to stay connected to their peers through captivating and interactive online adventures until SIP orders are lifted.

Throughout Zoom sessions children are given tasks, or ‘missions’, where they are able to choose between several adventure options, creating a participatory and interactive space. Our occupational therapist has been creating movement, music, visual art, and adaptive skills activities related to the weekly adventure theme to address sensory-motor deficits. These sessions offer the chance for clients to practice important socialization skills with their peers such as turn-taking, retuning greetings, and opening and closing circles of communication.

Contact us if you are interested in learning more about our weekly Zoom group adventures!

Social Skills Groups

Our program integrates developmentally informed interventions with a creative and inclusive group experience.  We support expressions of individuality, spontaneity, and silliness, and encourage children to bring their full selves to play in a safe and stimulating environment.

Our clinical staff is extensively trained in sensory processing and DIR floor time strategies, and has spent many years developing innovative ways to help every child achieve their potential.  We strive to create a supportive community amongst our parents and facilitate relationships that extend beyond our clinic.  We also invite normally developing children (siblings or friends) as playmates, to offer models of adaptive social behaviors.
The venue includes a fully equipped sensory motor gym and an adjacent playroom with toys, props, puppets, costumes, arts / crafts materials and musical instruments. 


 Meet The Team 


Jazmin Elek

Occupational Therapist

Jazmin Elek is a Pediatric Occupational Therapist with a specialty in early developmental vulnerabilities. She has taken advanced courses in Sensory Processing, DIR Floortime, Hand Development, and is certified in Neuro Developmental Treatment (NDT). She has a cosmetology license and speaks fluent Spanish.  Jazmin currently serves on a multidisciplinary team in the Pediatrics Department at UCSF – San Francisco General Hospital campus. She has worked and studied in many countries, including China, India, Mexico, Peru and Guatemala,


Fabiola Estebanez


Fabiola joined Peer Play as the clinical coordinator and subs in for peer groups as needed. She is currently working towards her doctorate in clinical psychology at Alliant International University. Fabiola began to work with children diagnosed with Autism in 2005 and since then, she has devoted her career to building her clinical skills and serving children, adolescents and families. She is bilingual in English and Spanish and has traveled to various countries and cities across Europe and Mexico.. 


Xochitl & Quincy

Playtime Ambassadors

Xochitl & Quincy are Jazmin's magical children and they practically grew up in our social skills groups. They have been the real experts and rock stars of the Peer Play program and have been teaching us about love, friendship, play, creativity, kindness, and everything that matters in life. 


Francisco Rocco, PhD

Developmental Psychologist

Dr. Rocco is a licensed clinical psychologist who specializes in the assessment and treatment of developmental derailments in young children.  He earned his doctoral degree from the University of California in Santa Barbara and currently works as a clinician at the UCSF – Multidisciplinary Assessment Center at San Francisco General Hospital, Dept. of Pediatrics. He has also had a private practice in San Francisco specializing in developmental vulnerabilities.  Dr. Rocco has lived in Latin America, Europe, and Asia and speaks Spanish, Portuguese, and French.


Gissela Norio

Production Assistant

Gissela can be described with one word: Awesome! Gissela is a volunteer student who is currently working towards a nursing degree at San Jose State University. She has been volunteering for the Peer Play team for almost five years. Through her volunteer work, she has found a passion for working with kids on the spectrum and hopes to continue her work in pediatric occupational therapy and expand her knowledge of the field in the future. 


Jesse Coleman

Graphics & Tech Guy

Jesse Coleman has been a Graphic Artist, photographer and tech nerd for the past 30 years. After serving overseas in the U.S. Army he relocated and lived in Germany for 2 years. His graphics career has included working with many globally recognized brands including Levi's, GoPro and Apple. Loves cats AND dogs and being a full time Husband and Dad.


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We are located on the third floor: take the elevator, then exit to your right, head down to the end of the hall, then take a left.

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