Social Skills Groups SF Bay Area

We Believe


We believe that


  • Meaningful relationships heal.
  • Children learn best from other children.


  • Dopamine (happy neurotransmitter) stimulates motivation and learning.


Croud at play.jpg
  • Acceptance from your peer group is a powerful motivator for developmental growth.
  • Offering or withholding extrinsic rewards to teach socialization turns the joy of social play into work. It also robs the child from owning their choices, actions and relationships.


  • Children can be our wisest teachers and most honest critics, if we pay attention.  They also make great therapists.


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  • Children deserve a fun childhood with happy memories—not just a busy stream of adult-led interventions.
  • Parents deserve a mutually supportive community that understands their experience.


  • Typically developing children that regularly play with kids in the autism spectrum expand their minds and hearts to build empathy and compassion.
  • All children can and should play and make friends.  These behaviors are so fundamental that the are observed across most mammalian species.

Pichuco and Mireya at 10 weeks


Pichuco and Mireya at 5 years


We Celebrate

Love, Friendship, Community, Creativity, Curiosity, Resiliency, Integrity, and Diversity (including neurodiversity)